How to Become a Copy Trader at FBS
How to Become a Copy Trader at FBS

How to Become a Copy Trader at FBS

In this article, we will provide a guide on how to become a copy trader at FBS. It has been a long time since brokers started offering simple and attractive trading platforms, namely copy trade or social trading. The concept is very interesting indeed, where even people who can’t trade can invest in money or stock market without learning it first. They just have to choose a retailer to track or a retailer to copy.

Here I will discuss the benefits of this platform for those of us who can and will get used to investing, especially in the Forex market. As traders, we usually get money by trading, of course, the size of the profit is influenced by the amount of capital we have.

To get bigger profits, we must be of higher quality and increase capital or we are looking for investors to share the results. Of course, investments are not easy to find. Now with this copy trading platform we can profit by doing the same work, we trade as usual but get more profit, how can that be right?

You can register as a merchant to copy or track traders, the method is very simple, I wrote below. If you become a copy trader, follow us will follow us, of course we must have a good and consistent trading portfolio and the past. When trading in the usual way, this trailer automatically tracks the movement of your trades, be it buying and selling, profit and more.

If you have placed a good position and made a profit, you, as a trader, will receive a percentage of your followers’ profits (about 5%). The more followers you have, the higher your profit. Not to mention if your followers have big capital. I repeat, if you want lots of followers, of course you have to be consistent to get profit.

Interestingly, you cannot make big profits with normal trading. Then, where do brokers offer copy trading platforms and how do you become a copy trader? The answer is FBS, because he has been promoting this platform for a long time, so many people are downloading the app and looking for a broker to follow and make a lot of profit.

How to become a copy trader on FBS copy trade:

The conditions are very simple, open a real account on FBS be it a micro or standard account, fill in a minimum deposit of $100, and verify your account and use MT4. For the steps, see e.g.:

1. Create a Real Standard or Micro Account

For the first stage, of course you have to create an account on fbs, either a standard account or a micro account. please adjust it to your needs starting from the type of account, leverage, currency and so on.

2. FBS account deposit

If you have completed the first stage, the next process is to make a deposit in your fbs account. For how to deposit you can read the tutorial here How to Deposit a Correct FBS Account.

3. Create an Account to Trader to Copy

  • Choose your account
  • Click “Start earning from copy trades”. fill in your personal data
  • Set up a profile and picture and hit the “start” button

Good, have become a trader to copy. The commission will be transferred to your account once a week.

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