How to Deposit the Correct FBS Account
How to Deposit the Correct FBS Account

How to Deposit the Correct FBS Account

FBS is one of the brokers involved in currency trading which is very popular in Indonesia. Success Financial Brokers, also known as FBS, offers traders the Forex, Precious Stones and CFD markets.

In addition to the many markets available on FBS, one of the advantages of the broker is the ease of deposits and withdrawals. So this time I will share how I put FBS 2 times in 1 week after my experience at FBS.

But before we get into how to set up an FBS account, let me explain a little about this broker I know. From the start, you have a minimum deposit in your FBS account and it is easier to deposit via the FBS app or the Financial Broker Success website itself.

FBS has been established since 2009 and is headquartered in Russia. This FBS broker is trusted by traders around the world, one of them is Indonesian traders. You can create different types of accounts, from beginner to advanced to professional or expert level accounts.

From Cent, Standard, Zero Spread, Micro and ECN accounts. So to start with, it’s better to use a cent account if you want to use a real account. However, if you are still unsure about using a real account, you can try using a demo account first.

You can also choose from a number of deposit method options at Indonesian banks. Can be through ATM or Internet banking and mobile banking. Here are some options for making payments to your FBS account.

~ Bank Central Asia (BCA)

~ Independent

~ Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI)

~ Bank Negara Indonesia (GNI)

~ Fasapay

~CIMB Niaga

~ Connection


~ Card Payment

~ Skrill


~ Perfect money

~ Regular ATM

~ ATM link


The minimum deposit is $1 for Cent accounts, $5 for micro accounts, $100 for standard accounts, $500 for Zero Spread accounts and $1000 for ECN accounts. And keep in mind that the minimum deposit is usually $1, but sometimes $10 for some payment systems like Neteller, Skrill or Perfect Money.

As for the WD or minimum withdrawal, $1. So the advantages of FBS, besides being mostly supported by local banks, the existence of a minimum deposit, minimum withdrawal and Swap Free may be a viable option for registering at FBS.

If you don’t have an FBS account, you can simply subscribe to the FBS account list. Later, you will go directly to the FBS website or the official website and fill in your personal information after the ID card.

Depositing to FBS is very easy. I mentioned using the FBS app as an example, so if you have trouble browsing the FBS website I suggest you review the app as it’s easier.

But before that, you can learn how to add indicators to MetaTrader 4 and how to view missing apps and games on your computer or laptop.

How to place an FBS account?

1. The first step is to deposit the balance in the FBS account via the app, e.g. The FBS application is installed through the Play Store then select the account you want to deposit

2. Then select the save menu

3. Then select the payment method you want to choose. And it should be noted that the accounts stored in our FBS account must have the same name. For example, if you use bank transfer, you can use ATM, internet banking or mobile banking, and your bank account name must match your FBS account. And it is not recommended to use the disc because you are not reading the same name as our FBS account.

4. Finally, enter the payment amount as a screenshot of rupees, full name and proof of transfer if you use internet banking and mobile banking and receipt when using ATM.

5. If everything is ready and you can click the Confirm payment button, just click it and make sure everything is correct

6. To view your deposit history or history, go to the Finance menu and select Transaction History.

7. Later the full story will be displayed on our account

Thus, the FBS application is stored in the last FBS account. And make sure the FBS account name and deposit account name are the same if you don’t want to have problems later when you have a large balance but have problems withdrawing.

How long is the balance in our account? The actual working day is only 3 minutes 5 minutes, and the longest is 48 hours. But if you close the market on Saturday and Sunday, the balance will come in on Monday when the market reopens.

Maybe there are still questions that beginners often ask when registering for an FBS account. What is the minimum deposit for a standard FBS account? The answer is $100. What is the minimum deposit for a cent account? As a percentage, this is $1.

Can I deposit my FBS account through BRI, BCA, PRIMA ATMs? Yes, I explained in more detail above. How to install Copytrade? the way is easy, but if I have time I will make a tutorial.

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