Low Spread Forex Broker Recommendations
Low Spread Forex Broker Recommendations

Low Spread Forex Broker Recommendations

Low Spread Forex Broker Recommendations

The list of Forex brokers is thinly spread out. You can perform many activities, such as buying and selling on Forex, every day with a standard system. Which is basically a series of signals from an instrument for technical analysis.

Or, you can do Forex Scalping manually. Where traders look for signals and decide whether to buy or sell. It can also be automated where traders place software to read signals.

However, scalping is not for everyone. What you need to do If you want to do scalping, you need to create a currency trading plan because scalers require a lot of patience and concentration.

Concentration and focus are scalers. Paying attention to trading charts is an important key if you want to play scalping.

In Indonesia itself, there are several lists of thin/low spread Forex brokers up to 0 points which are said to be suitable for scalping, namely:


XM is one of the best Forex brokers, known in Indonesia and world famous. One of the features of XM is distributing zero 0 points to Zero account traders. Traders with zero accounts can trade various services as they wish.


FBS is one of the leading broker listings in the country and is recognized worldwide. 0 beep zero zero service also applies. You can execute transactions for Zero Spread account holders without distribution. FBS offers a variety of services that are quite pleasant in terms of zero-spread accounts. One of them can trade a lot with at least 0.01 and allows different trading strategies.


Unlike the two brokers above, Exness offers a zero-spread option for almost all existing accounts. This means Exness traders get more account options with a zero-spread service. Exness zero spread, so if there is a significant change in market price fluctuations it can be extended.


The next list of thin or low spread brokers is OCTAFX. As with number brokers. As shown in Figure 3 above, OCTAFX also offers trading opportunities for small spreads starting from 0.4.

Currently, Octafx is one of my favorite brokers, offering deposit and WD services compared to local BCA banks and offering its traders low fees. So for scalers or traders who want to trade with low premiums, this broker is definitely very suitable.


FXOpen UK also offers floating zero spreads with ECN accounts. Yes, this feature does not have a fixed character, but the good thing is that the specifications apply to each pair.


You probably know the name of this broker. Of course Tickmill is popular and trusted because one of the members offers good service, one of which is zero spread 0 beeps. For Scalpers, Tickmill also offers the services you need with a variety of offerings to make things easier.


The newest broker that offers thin spreads of up to 0 seed is Instaforex. This broker offers EA in the form of Insta and Cent. The difference is, traders on Cent have to buy 0.10 items, while those on Instant only need to buy 0.01 items.

This is information about forex brokers with low spreads, hopefully it will be useful.

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